Washroom & Cafeteria

From mops and brushes to cleaners and disinfectants, our wide selection of washroom and cafeteria products ensures that all your needs are fully covered with us.

The washrooms and cafeterias could be the perfect breeding sites for bacteria, fungi and other microbes. This microbial growth (aside from the unsanitary conditions) can make people sick and hence affect workplace performance and productivity.

That’s why here at All Trades, we have excellent cleaning supplies that will make your washroom and cafeteria sanitary and smelling fresh. This will also help make the workplace look and smell more professional. In addition, this can make the entire workplace healthier and more inspiring.

We have a wide selection of cleaning tools and equipment including mops, brushes, buckets, bins, wipes, rags and scourers. Here at All Trades we also have highly effective air fragrances and cleaning products including soaps, detergents and sanitisers. As a one-stop shop, we supply toilet paper, towels, tissues, dispensers and spray bottles as well.

Our team has already worked with several businesses from one-person companies to multi-million dollar corporations. As a result, we’ve become strongly familiar with the specific requirements of various businesses and industries. Through the years (since the 1970s), we’ve also built a strong and sustainable partnership with our clients when it comes to their workplace needs.

Many business owners and managers now pay special attention to the choice of cleaning supplies for the washroom and cafeteria. After all, it’s a relatively long-term investment and employees and the janitorial staff will regularly use those supplies. It’s always recommended to invest on the products and supplies that you use daily. This way, the daily results will also be excellent.

Small but everyday details matter. People spend significant amounts of time in the washrooms and cafeterias and these are sites where pathogens can spread and thrive. It’s important that these sites get equal attention as the main workplace or job site. This can only be achieved if the cafeterias and washrooms are being effectively cleaned and the employees and guests can properly wash their hands to prevent the spread of microbes.