Get the protection you need most with our personal protective equiopment range. Supplying the best in PPE safety products, we offer safety glasses, sun safe clothing, hand and skin protection, vehicle and general safety lights and many more.

Many job sites (especially industrial areas) are just dangerous and unfavourable to people. However, there are important things that need to be done in construction, welding and rescue sites.

To limit the dangers and hazards to people, quality PPE is a must for everyone in the job site. It’s especially the case where the head, eyes and lungs are at risk. These areas are vulnerable, which is why these parts should be protected at all times from impact, dust or debris.

Personal protective equipment is important not just in work health and safety, but also in ensuring focus and productivity in the workplace. After all, without the proper PPE clothing, it could be really hard to focus on work. People will constantly worry about the dangers around them. It’s a requirement to have the proper workwear and personal protective equipment but beyond that, having these can actually help workers perform at their best.

As one of the most reputable PPE equipment suppliers, All Trades has always been focusing on the end users. We only supply the best products so that the end users will remain safe on the field. This is important in high-risk jobs and sites wherein workers are exposed to harsh environments and chemicals.

We go beyond just being a PPE shop. We intend to form long-term partnerships with our clients who are committed to worker safety. We go beyond completing purchase transactions. Our goal is to become a trusted partner of companies including one-person businesses and multi-million dollar corporations.

Our products (which include safety glasses, sun safe clothing, hand and skin protection, vehicle and general safety lights) are specifically designed and manufactured for their intended uses. We also make sure that our products don’t get in the way of anyone’s job (e.g. restricting vision or mobility). This way, workers can still focus on the job while remaining to be protected from job hazards.

We understand that protecting your workers is your priority so that they will remain safe and focused on the job. We share the same commitment here at All Trades, which is why we always work hard to deliver only the best safety products to our clients. As a result, workers in different industries remain safe as they perform their job duties every day.