Hi Vis Workwear

Designed for safety & comfort with no sacrifice on quality, the Hi Vis range consists of outerwear, overalls, shirts, vests, trousers and more with a wide variety of quality, trusted brands. We provide a one-stop safety equipment supply and distribution service to our customers.

When workers are near moving vehicles or in conditions of poor lighting, high-visibility clothing and workwear are a must.

Indeed, the purpose is to make workers highly visible or contrasting from the background. This way, collisions and other accidents will be prevented. In addition, Hi Vis Workwear should also endure the harsh conditions outside. The retroreflective materials should stay intact and highly visible even during tough applications.

Whether it’s for road traffic or working at industrial or construction sites, the hi vis safety garments should meet standards and provide comfort to workers as well. This is both for their safety and productivity.

Here at All Trades, we have those hi vis safety garments that meet safety standards and provide maximum comfort. We have a comprehensive range of high vis outerwear, overalls, shirts, vests, trousers and accessories coming from the most trusted brands. Our product range is now in wide use across several industries (both in one-person businesses and multi-million dollar corporations).

We also have high-quality safety vests and rainwear that can improve the workers’ safety while they are at the job site. Whether it’s a reflective rain jacket or rain pants, these outerwear are specifically designed for rainy and wet conditions. Our safety vests for traffic control, emergency response teams and other applications are also designed for specific conditions at the job site.

Since the late 1970s, All Trades has been committed to improving worker safety. Through the decades we’ve become the one-stop resource for safety workwear and PPEs for businesses of all types and sizes. We’ve also built long-term partnerships with many of our clients through the years.

With our experience in different industries, we’re able to carefully select the most appropriate products for each job application. We even made it easier for our customers because we’ve enabled hi vis workwear online purchases. This way, our customers can readily order the safety workwear they require and quickly improve the safety of their workers.