Height Safety

At All Trades we provide quality fall protection solutions, fall protection systems, height safety systems & fall arrest equipment. We know that nothing comes before your safety, and we’re committed to supplying the most practical, user-friendly equipment and systems to keep you working safely and securely.

Working at heights is a high risk activity. Whether it’s in the construction industry or rescue operations, it’s important that height safety equipment are in place.

It’s true that the most effective way to protect workers from the risk of falling is to make falling absolutely impossible (eliminate the need to work at height). But for many professions such as in construction, maintenance of tanks and transmission towers and rescue operations, working at heights is inevitable.

Proper training and the use of appropriate ladders and other equipment help in reducing safety accidents. However, these often are not enough to protect the workers from risks. It’s also important to pay attention to the things that secure them and keep them safe when working at heights.

Here at All Trades, we have height safety and fall protection equipment that can keep the workers safe, secure and protected. Made from the sturdiest materials and specifically designed for zero failures, the harnesses, lanyards, anchor points, safety and rope lines, karabiners and hooks we have here are of the highest quality and standards.

Aside from safety and security, our height safety equipment are also designed to be practical and user-friendly. These are also crucial when working at heights to improve the workers’ focus levels and execute the tasks more efficiently. As a result, they will spend less time up there and thereby further reducing the risks of falling.

We also have quality safety helmets for added protection and compliance to strict requirements. Our rescue equipment are specifically designed for elevated and hard to access areas. We have a comprehensive range of products here that make work safer and easier.

Whether it’s a one-person business or a multi-million dollar corporation, our fall protection solutions and height safety systems perform well in various settings and scenarios. These are all designed for regular use and can endure the common and rare conditions found in job sites.