Gas Detection

Rugged, self-contained portable instruments designed for easy use and calibration, All Trades stocks a huge range of gas detection products from Honeywell Analytics, simple comprehensive solutions specifically developed to drive down the cost of gas detection.

The proper choice of gas detection equipment starts with studying the site and specific application. This is very important in accurately assessing oxygen deficiency, gas and vapour risks in the job site. As a result, some gas detectors available in the market may not be perfectly applicable to your site because of the varying sensitivity and functionality. Also, your expenses might get unnecessarily higher because of the wrong choice of gas detectors.

Here at All Trades, we have cost-effective gas detection kits and portable instruments that help accurately identify gas hazards in the work site. These simple and yet comprehensive solutions can help the workplace become safer for everyone (both personnel and passersby).

We have a huge range of gas detection products coming from Honeywell Analytics. Whether it’s for gas detection in confined spaces, spot leak tests or mobile use, we have the right solution for your application. Our products have already been used in identifying gas hazards and improving safety in industrial plants, post-fire sites, boiler rooms, underground utilities vaults and sewers. Our portable instruments and kits have also become valuable in industrial hygiene and rescue operations.

Gases and vapours may put both the personnel and passersby at risk. Aside from the potential inhalation of toxic fumes, the release of gases might initiate fires and explosions. These scenarios can cause diseases, contamination, injuries and fatalities.

The proactive approach then is to accurately detect the presence of gases and vapours. With our simple, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, we can help make your work site safer for everyone. Since the 1970s, this has been our commitment here at All Trades. We’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses and industries (including one-person companies and multi-million dollar corporations). As a result, we understand the requirements and we have the capability to implement them cost-effectively through our technical products.