Corporate Clothing

Looking for that smart casual look for the office? From our understated stylish designs to something a little more formal, we supply corporate wear in an extensive range of colours and styles to suit your taste.

What we wear affects our confidence, attitude and mindset.

It’s especially true in the workplace and whenever we’re interacting with customers, co-workers, managers and suppliers. First, we have to look our best before we hope to give our best.

That’s why here at All Trades, we have an extensive range of men’s and women’s corporate workwear available in various colours and styles. Surely you can find some that are appropriate for your workplace and that match your corporate image.

Whether it’s for achieving a smart casual look or a more formal appearance at the office, our corporate clothing range is sure to signal professionalism and excellence in the workplace. Our product range generally includes:

Outerwear and scrubs

Look smart, feel smart. That statement is always true. What we wear influences us more than we realise. Aside from influencing our own behaviour and attitude, what we wear and how we look also influence the other people’s perception about us. Based on how we look, do we deserve to command respect from other people?

This is always true in all kinds of trades, which is why business owners and managers are careful to choose the corporate workwear for themselves and their team. It’s a worthwhile investment because the workwear will be with us almost every day and every time we interact with customers and clients.

For over 30 years we’ve witnessed that here at All Trades. Working with various businesses (from one-person companies at home offices to multimillion dollar companies), we always notice that they obsess on every detail especially on how their team looks in front of prospects and customers. They make sure every detail is right because each detail indeed matters.

It’s also beyond making a positive impression to other people. It’s also about achieving a professional and approachable appearance. This will influence your team’s performance and motivation every day.