From our high quality toolbelts to long lasting headlamps, All Trades stocks a huge range of gear and accessories to help get you equipped and ready to work. Whatever the job, our hard working accessories have got you covered.

In every work and industrial setting, everything should look professional and consistent. These include which workwear accessories to choose for your department or team.

Here at All Trades, we have a comprehensive range of gear and accessories that will suit your specific application and image. Our product range includes:

Backpacks & bags
Toolbelts & accessories
Torches & headlamps
2-way radios

Having the proper workwear is a compulsory part of the uniform for workplace health and safety reasons. Safety gear such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), high visibility clothing and safety shoes are all important. However, often there’s little emphasis on the little things that workers use and wear every day.

For instance, belts are essential in securing and supporting pieces of clothing and other items. If these belts break or become deformed, it might become difficult for the workers to focus on their main tasks. These can reduce their focus levels because they might be thinking about their belts.

This similarly applies to backpacks and bags. Bringing the tools and clothes should be the least of the workers’ worries every day. These should be rugged and handy so workers can focus on the job at hand rather than whether their bags can carry the load or not.

The workwear accessories are more about maintaining a professional image. These accessories also actually contribute to the safety and focus levels in the workplace. This is especially important in industrial settings and sensitive jobs where the focus should be at the highest level.

Here at All Trades we understand that. Since the late 1970s, our commitment has been on people safety. From one-person companies up to multi-million dollar corporations, our focus and passion is always people. We always prioritise the end-user of our products. This way, more people will experience superior comfort, professionalism and safety in the workplace.

Often it’s the little things that count (given that you’ve already taken care of the big things). And those little things do add up and become more important as your team wears and uses them every day.