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Why Is PPE Important In The Workplace | 10th January 2021

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is absolutely essential for anybody working in an environment containing hazards. The term ‘hazard’ is used in regulation to define anything that could cause harm to an employee or person near to a work site. Many professions require PPE in the workplace.

Neglecting the use of PPE anywhere from a kitchen to a construction site could result in disastrous consequences for both the worker and their employer’s reputation. It could also bring the worksite into a breach of industry code which could result in expensive fines and cancellation of licensing.

While PPE may be considered a nuisance to deal with, particularly for seasoned workers who have never experienced a workplace incident, it’s crucial that workers wear it when onsite. Below we have listed just a few reasons detailing why is personal protective equipment important in the workplace.

Law and Regulation

The laws governing the use of PPE are set out in Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017. By not providing PPE to employees working onsite, employers can face big penalties. Similarly, workers must, so far as they are reasonable able, wear the equipment in accordance with any information, training or instruction by the person conducting the business. The penalties for not doing so are big.

Data Gathering

While PPE can be frustrating to wear, clean and store, the use of PPE by employees opens up potential to collect data about employee methods and behaviours. For example, GPS tracking and portable cameras can be attached to personal protective equipment like vests or helmets. In this case, even should an accident not occur, managers can still collect insights about their business.

Safety and Protection

Personal protective equipment doesn’t stop the source of a hazard. PPE is, in fact, a level 3 control measure. Level 3 control measures rely on human behaviour and supervision and used on their own tend to be least effective in minimising risks. Despite this, eye protection, high-vis clothing, foot protection and head protection can all save lives in the event an accident occurs on-site during work.

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It’s always better to be safe then sorry when it comes to protecting your person and the reputation of your employer. It is illegal to not wear personal protective equipment whenever there is a potential hazard in the workplace that could affect employees or people close by the worksite. Risk management is an essential part of the construction industry and All Trades Group manufacture and supply all PPE equipment needed to minimise risk in the trades sector. Call us today for all orders.

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