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Traffic Control Plans – An Essential Safety Consideration for Construction Projects | 22nd October 2020

No matter the scale of the construction project you are about to embark on, it is important that you have a traffic control plan in place to help things progress as smoothly as possible. This is especially true if you will be working on or around public roads and access areas, as motorists will need to have a clear understanding of the changed traffic conditions and/or any detours they may need to take. At All Trades Safety we are proud to provide an extensive range of traffic management equipment including speed signs, lane status road signs, traffic cones and much more to help keep contractors and the public safe and informed. In this blog post, we will be sharing some insight into the importance of traffic control plans and how our quality equipment can help.


What Does Traffic Control Involve?

Traffic control is a process which at its core requires the redirection of vehicles during closures, along with a duty of care to ensure that drivers, contractors and passers by are kept safe when moving around the jobsite. A good traffic control plan will help to minimise disruption for everyone, enabling them to get to work or appointments on time and allowing easy access for emergency vehicles should their services be required. In creating a traffic control plan, you should refer to Australian Standard AS 1742.3 – 2009. There may also be some state variations that you will need to take into account.

Traffic control is a critical safety consideration for any business, as it will help to:

Reduce the Risk of Accidents – A good traffic control program which makes use of highly visible and reflective signage will help to reduce or prevent traffic accidents, as new lanes, speed limits and detour arrows will convey a clear message to drivers and pedestrians. Without signage and traffic control personnel, drivers may panic or make reckless manoeuvres which could lead to accidents.
Smooth Traffic Flow – Your traffic control program will help to ensure a smooth traffic flow, which not only makes for an easier commute but also helps to conserve fuel as there will be no stop-start traffic which leads to higher fuel consumption.
Warn Drivers of Construction Activity in Advance – Traffic cones can be used to make drivers and pedestrians aware of construction activity and/or the need to change lanes. Cones can be laid out well in advance, giving drivers plenty of time to move over and be prepared for changed traffic conditions ahead. Traffic cones also come equipped with LED lights, which are ideal for nightworks.

PPE Gear for Traffic Control Personnel

Whilst highly visible signage and traffic cones are an important component of any traffic control program, it is important to also consider the safety of your traffic control personnel. Workers should be provided with high visibility PPE clothing and a stop/slow paddle to enable them to perform their duties safely and with confidence. Foreman LED traffic batons with flash patterns can also be used at night to enhance visibility and direct traffic more easily.


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Construction projects which affect public roadways can cause issues for drivers and pedestrians, but with a comprehensive traffic management plan in place you can ensure everyone is kept safe and that traffic flows as smoothly as possible. All Trades Safety are your trusted provider of high quality, durable traffic management equipment including signage, traffic cones, corner cube reflector delineators, extendable cone barrier bars, LED traffic batons, LED vehicle warning lights and more. We invite you to browse our range today, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 1300 533 537.