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Quality Safety Footwear – An Essential Investment for Any Business | 15th September 2020

The worksites of today can be hazardous places, and the importance of wearing properly fitted safety footwear should not be underestimated.  There are a wide range of hazards which workers can be exposed to at work, from slips through to punctures, electrical hazards, chemical spills, bumps, punctures and falls. Any one of these accidents could put a worker out of action for weeks, but a quality pair of safety footwear will keep your team safe and comfortable, enabling them to confidently traverse the worksite and keeping your projects on track for success. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing 5 top reasons to invest in quality safety footwear from All Trades.


Why Safety Footwear is So Important

Construction and factory workers are required to be on their feet for much of the day, and the risk of slips/falls and exposure to workplace hazards is much higher than in regular daily life.  Some of the most common foot injuries in the workplace include:

Objects falling onto feet

Foot injuries can be particularly complicated, requiring employees to take months off work for recovery and rehabilitation. Investing in quality safety footwear will provide a barrier against injury to keep your workers safe all year round. It is well worth investing in quality footwear brands with proven durability and performance, and at All Trades Safety & Workwear Supplies we are pleased to offer an extensive range for our customers.

4 Interesting Facts and Ways Safety Footwear Keeps Workers Safe


Ability to Withstand 200 Joules of Impact

Toe protection is a critical part of safety footwear, and most will offer at least 200 joules of impact protection at the toe-cap. This makes for an excellent safeguard against falling objects and sudden impact, keeping the feet and toes safe from harm, and giving workers additional confidence as they move around the worksite.

Innovative Use of Materials to Guard Against Punctures

Safety footwear is made up of an innovative mix of materials to ensure the utmost in durability and on the job protection. Whilst cheap safety footwear may be tempting based on price alone, it is unlikely to offer the same level of protection or longevity as a quality pair. Quality safety footwear will offer steel-toes and heels and be made out of leather or synthetic materials depending on the type of work it is intended for. With a sturdy sole and tough exterior, a good pair of safety boots will guard against punctures.

Safety Footwear can Protect Against Electrocution

Electrical hazards exist in many workplaces. Whilst not all safety footwear offers protection against electrocution, this is an essential consideration for those who work in hazardous environments as well as electricians. Protection is made possible by thorough waterproofing in addition to grounding, which prevents electrical currents from flowing through the body. Many of these types of work boots will also have anti-static properties.


Exceptional Grip

It is important that your work shoes have strong grip, as you will likely be working on a range of different surfaces including concrete, metal, dirt, polished floors and more. Safety footwear are made with heavy duty soles designed to provide grip on various surfaces. You may notice that some models provide slip protection for spilled liquids, thick liquids, or both. Think about the types of products you work with on a daily basis as well as the risk of spills, then begin your search for appropriate safety footwear at All Trades.


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