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Looking After Your Workwear – Our Top Tips for Extending Durability and Comfort | 15th July 2020

When investing good money in workwear, you expect a quality product which is up to the task and will last the distance. Whilst quality workwear brands spend a significant amount of time and money on research and development to ensure their products are produced to a high standard, as the owner you will still need to care for your workwear. Properly caring for your workwear will extend its service life and keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible, maximising your return on investment. We understand that it’s not always easy to look after your gear, especially with so many different care instructions and materials being used today.

 To help you get the most out of your workwear, All Trades Safety & Workwear Supplies have prepared a brief post highlighting our top tips on care and maintenance for work clothing.

No Workwear in The House

As soon as you get home after a hard day on the tools, change out your workwear for something more comfortable. Wearing work uniforms and safety gear around the house is not only uncomfortable, you will also be placing additional wear and tear on your gear whilst also potentially spreading dirt around your home.

Wash on a Regular Basis

Work clothing is subject to significant wear and tear, and it should be washed on a regular basis. Washing according to the instructions will ensure that stains do not become fixed in the fabric, and it will also keep your gear looking and smelling fresh. You don’t want to leave muddy stains or perspiration on your workwear, as this will become much more difficult to remove the longer you leave it.

Read the Label

It may seem simple, but it’s something a lot of hard-working guys and girls neglect. There are an immense range of materials used in workwear these days, and they all have specific washing instructions which must be followed. Fail to do so and you may experience shrinking, loose fabric, diminished performance or other issues. The care label is usually located on the bottom side or back of work clothing, and it will include information such as whether you should hand or machine wash, the necessary temperature and how to dry the garment.

Use Quality Detergent

When selecting a detergent for clothes washing purposes, always ensure it is from a leading manufacturer and does not contain any harsh additives which could affect the fabric of your clothes. Using a harsh detergent could mean your garments fade prematurely or even start falling apart. You should never use laundry detergents which list peroxide bleach as an ingredient, instead look for detergents with favourable reviews and that list benefits such as fade-free formulas. Using quality detergent will keep your work clothes looking great long term, saving you time and money.



Rotate Your Workwear

It’s a good idea to keep a few sets of work clothes, as this will extend the longevity of your work and safety uniforms. Giving your gear time to rest between wears will ensure it can dry off naturally, eliminating odours and ensuring it maintains its shape longer.

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