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Personal Protective Equipment on Building Sites | 14th June 2020

Building sites are hazardous without the proper equipment and training. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial on building sites, not just because it’s a legal requirement, but for safety and protection.

Raised objects and machinery with moving parts can cause injury and death if not handled correctly. Loose materials on the ground can be dangerous if the proper footwear isn’t worn. High-vis equipment is a must at all times in the construction industry, to ensure that builders and trades workers are visible to each other on-site.

If you arrive at work without the proper PPE personal protective equipment, it’s likely you’ll be sent home and will miss out on a day’s wages. The minimum requirements for personal protective equipment include: a hard hat, a high-vis vest and steel toe cap boots. All of these are stocked at All Trades Safety, so place an order today to remain compliant with building site regulation.

High Visibility Hard Hats

White hard hats are easily visible from a distance, giving proper protection to construction workers when equipment is moving above eye level. Hard hats used on building sites are designed to protect the head and neck from impact. Whether it’s a falling object, a swinging component or low ceilings, wearing a hard hat ensures you protect your sensitive facial organs and brain from risk of injury. Hard hats are required to wear and we stock all hard hats used on building sites at All Trades Safety.

High Visibility Workwear

High-vis tops are necessary to prevent injury resulting from moving machinery or other workers working on a construction site. Wearing a yellow or orange high-vis clothing or equipment ensures you stand out and are visible from a distance. We stock a variety of short and long-sleeved high-vis workwear at All Trades Safety. Place an order today to ensure you remain compliant with building site codes.

Steel Toe Cap Boots

While not necessarily the most comfortable item of attire worn on construction sites, steel toe cap boots protect the feet and ankles from hazards on building sites. Falling detritus and heavy machinery won’t crush your toes beyond repair if you’re wearing steel toe cap boots, and you’ll protect your ankles against damage if you stumble or fall into a hole or uneven surface on a building site.

Ensure that your steel cap toe boots fit you properly to avoid blisters and damage to your ankles. It’s also worth investing in good-quality PPE footwear to make sure you get the best value for money.

Optional PPE on Building Sites

On occasion, long pants are a requirement on building sites. These are required as sun protection. Similarly, safety goggles (eye protection) and ear plugs (hearing protection) can be required as a control measure at some building sites to prevent accidents arising from loose materials or falling objects.

We stock all of this personal protective equipment, so head to our products page to place an order, or contact us for more information about our stock. We offer the best PPE used on building sites, so don’t delay, place an order today.