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The Importance of a High-Vis Vest Near Water | 13th May 2020

Travelling on the ocean? Doing some work on the water? Operating in the pouring rain? In any case where you’re spending significant time in a boat out on the ocean, on a river, estuary or a downpour, best safety practice dictates that a high vis vest be worn at all times. This personal protective equipment (PPE) ensures that in the event of capsizing or other disaster, you are easily to locate by the other members of your crew as well as any emergency rescue teams. High vis workwear provides visual identifiers that reflect light and that stand out against the water. It ensures that someone floating can be seen from some distance away, providing assurance of safety and increased likelihood of rescue in an emergency situation.

A high visibility retro reflective vest is usually bright yellow or bright orange, with reflectors sewn across the waist, shoulders and elbows. Being near the water, it’s only logical that a high vis vest be waterproof, to prevent moisture seeping into the clothes and the wearer potentially getting sick. Not all water will roll off the suit if your boat capsizes or if you fall off a jetty, but at least while wearing your high vis workwear you will be easy to locate as your body drifts amongst the currents.

It’s regulated that a high visibility retro reflective vest be worn on most construction and other infrastructure sites. In a downpour, making sure you’re easily spotted when visibility is low is key to avoiding accident at the hands of swinging machinery or moving freight. A second can make all the difference in a heavy-duty accident, so ensure you wear only the best protective high vis vest supplied by the All Trades Group.

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