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5 Tips When Choosing The Right Uniform | 16th April 2020

Choosing uniforms for your team may appear to be a simple task with limited consequences, however most people don’t give much consideration to the length of time employees spend in uniform and the implications of this. Uniforms are worn by specific staff, fulfill a purpose, beget varying levels of comfort and need to be up to industry standard, all the while conforming to your available budget. This post discusses the decision-making behind choosing a uniform for your team and looks at the things you need to consider as operations manager when selecting your business’s uniform.

Who’s it For?

Retail employees, service workers, office staff and managers all require a different uniform for the job they have to perform on a daily basis. Different uniforms are built for different tasks, with office attire manifesting style and neatness and outdoor uniform prioritising function over aesthetic. Uniforms should conform to a single design, however it’s certainly worth asking your employees their opinion on your selection in case they can improve on your choice (they’re the ones wearing the clothes) and asking them to try on the uniform before buying apparel for every staff member.

Does it Suit its Purpose?

Consider the environment your colleagues will be working in, as well as its hazards and the tasks that need to be completed by staff when choosing a uniform. If a uniform is too tight it can restrict employee’s mobility, making it difficult to successfully complete a task. Conversely, if a uniform is too loose it can pose a safety hazard, especially when operating machinery. Workplace shoes must be sturdy and non-slip and outdoor materials should be thick and sturdy. The temperature of uniform must be considered too during decision-making

What Level of Comfort will it Achieve?

A comfortable uniform is a result of intelligent design, high-quality fabrics and utilitarian purpose. Comfort instils motivation and helps build employee confidence both in themselves and in their employer. Aside from physical comfort, employees need to feel emotionally connected to their uniform or it becomes a drag to wear. Function should always be prioritised over style, but it’s worth considering that well-dressed employees are generally happy employees.

Does it Meet Industry Standards?

Australian regulation determines particular clothing for particular jobs, especially when employees are working outdoors or around machinery. Safety standards outline the materials and procedures that must be complied with when choosing workwear and footwear, and detail the tests that must be completed on any work clothing.

What is Your Budget?

Considering all these factors that contribute to a uniform’s success or failure, one last thing to consider is your budget. Frugality is important, especially for smaller businesses, but it needs to be balanced with employee safety and brand image. No-one will want to hire you if you look sloppy, so consider investing in your employees’ uniforms for the long-term by selecting high-quality, high-durability materials. You’ll save money on wash and wear longevity and your team will look very sharp.