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Workwear and PPE Quality Matters – Cheap Vs Expensive | 19th January 2020

As a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), you have a duty of care to provide your staff with quality, high performing workwear and PPE gear which will withstand the rigours of their job requirements and is fully compliant with industry standards. Whilst cheaper gear may sound appealing, it is important to keep in mind that in the long run it doesn’t always prove to be a wise investment. In this blog post, All Trades Safety will be shedding some light on the differences between cheap and expensive workwear and why we believe quality is worth the investment.


When shopping for PPE and workwear, you may notice a substantial difference in price between overseas suppliers and locally owned businesses. What you will also notice is that the products sold by overseas suppliers may lack Australian Standards approval, meaning it is unlikely to offer any effective protection against workplace hazards. You should ALWAYS check the product packaging for an Australian Standards compliance label, which wil contain a licence number of the certifying authority.

All PPE gear sold within Australia must meet strict requirements, and by buying local you will be supporting Australian business whilst also demonstrating commitment to the safety of your employees. Prices will still vary from supplier to supplier, but you can rest assured that even the cheapest option will provide the same protection as a more expensive product. The only difference may be in terms of features, comfort and quality of construction which will be discussed below.


In paying a little more for your PPE gear, you will likely gain access to advanced features which will prove very handy during daily wear. Examples of features found in premium products include:

Anti-Fog Lenses
Stretchy Fabrics
Enhanced Breathability
Polarisation in safety glasses
Ability to quickly attach/remove additional equipment
Numerous storage areas/pockets

The above features and more will be very much appreciated by your staff, and they can also enhance performance. It is important to think about the work environment and conditions your staff will be exposed to, for example if working outdoors polarised safety glasses will enhance their vision and reduce the effects of glare.

Quality and Longevity

Paying a bit more usually means receiving a higher quality product which will stand the test of time. When you purchase from All Trades Safety, you can rest assured that you are getting high-quality products designed to suit Australian conditions. Inferior products will likely be made from low-quality plastic, cotton and fabric which may shrink with washing or develop tears/cracks within a short period of time.

Opting for the cheapest workwear is usually false economy, as the gear will need to be replaced on a regular basis – costing your business more money and time. If you’re someone who values long term performance and reliability, it’s well worth investing a little more upfront in high quality PPE and workwear.

Comfort and Fit

One factor which is often overlooked is that of comfort. No worker will perform at their best if their hard hat fits poorly, their clothes do not breathe, or they have difficulty seeing through their safety glasses in humid conditions. When products fit poorly, workers may be tempted to work without them, and this places them at a much higher risk of workplace injury. Higher quality products usually offer a range of adjustment options to suit each individual, and they will be designed with comfort in mind.

Here are a few ways premium grade products can improve efficiency and safety on the job site:

Breathable Fabrics – Help workers stay comfortable during their shift.
Stretchy Fabric – Improved mobility and comfort, reduced fatigue.
Streamlined Fit – High quality workwear normally fits closer to the body. A more streamlined fit reduces the chance of clothing becoming caught in machinery.
Adjustable Hard Hats – Offer a customised fit for each individual, reducing the risk of slipping which is not only uncomfortable but also impedes workflow.


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