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Safety Helmets - What makes a Good Hard Hat? | 16th December 2019

Safety helmets or hard hats play a critical role in site safety, particularly in industries such as mining, construction, manufacturing and forestry to name just a few.  A good hard hat will provide the wearers head with protection against flying/falling objects in addition to other types of impact, debris, rain and electric shock. With a wide range of hard hats on the market, it can be difficult to determine which is the best option for your team. To help you, All Trades Group have prepared a brief blog post highlighting the qualities of a good hard hat and how to pick the right product for the task.

The Need for Hard Hats

Work sites are busy environments, and with a multitude of different trades working on site at any given time there is a high risk of head injury. Safe Work Australia reports that between 2016-17 there were a total of 3,455 head injuries sustained on worksites around Australia. Whilst head injuries make up a small percentage of overall injuries, it is critical that the hat you choose offers adequate protection, a comfortable fit and adjustability to accommodate all workers.

Head injuries not only tarnish the reputation of a company and lead to expensive compensation claims, they can also seriously impact the quality of life of the individual. Every site manager wants to operate in the safest manner possible. In keeping workers healthy, safe and productive by investing in quality PPE gear, you will start to notice productivity gains on site.

5 Qualities of A Good Hard Hat

Comfortable Fit

Having a hard hat which moves around is a safety issue, and it will also cause frustration for your workers. Hard hats have come a long way, and with increased innovation and the use of composite materials they are now more comfortable than ever. When selecting a hard hat, be sure to pay attention to the webbing which is built into the suspension as this helps to ensure a secure fit. If your workers will be working long hours, the hard hat should also have plenty of padding and air vents to ensure comfort and breathability.

Composite Materials

Some hard hats are heavier than others, and they may be designed for specific tasks. The vast majority of hard hats on the market today are made from composite materials and ABS plastics, which offers exceptional durability and impact protection whilst also being light weight. Instead of falling into the trap of believing heavier hard hats will offer better protection, you should look for a hard hat such as this.

Australian Standards Certification

All hard hats worn in Australia must be compliant with AS/NZS 1801 and at the time of issue should be marked with the issue date. You should not purchase hard hats from unauthorised/overseas suppliers, as they may not be compliant. Australian Standards have three classifications for hard hats:

Type 1 – General Industrial safety helmets
Type 2 – Helmets intended for high temperature workplaces
Type 3 – Helmets intended for bushfire fighting

Before selecting a helmet, you will need to consider your work environment and the risks workers will be exposed to. This will enable you to select an appropriate type/class hard hat for the intended purpose.


Every individual has a different head shape, and there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to hard hats. Make sure you choose a hard hat which offers the ability to adjust both size and position. Padding around the forehead also helps, along with ratchet harnesses and absorbent materials.

Customisation and Colours

High-vis colours are always a good idea, helping to improve visibility on site. Many hard hats also incorporate features which allow for customisation, for example the addition of face and/or hearing protection which can simply be slotted on. This makes it much easier for your workers to customise their hard hat according to the task at hand.


Make the Right Choice – All Trades are The Hard Hat Specialists

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