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5 Indicators it Might Be Time to Replace Your Safety Glasses | 14th November 2019

Safety glasses are one of the most common pieces of PPE equipment worn on site, and it is important that they are appropriately fitted for the individual and the types of jobs they will be performing. Safety glasses are made tough and built to last, but like everything they do need replacing after some time. In this blog post, All Trades Safety will highlight 5 key indicators it might be time to replace or upgrade your safety glasses.

Changes in Role Responsibilities

Safety glasses come in many different forms including general purpose, goggles, positive seal, visors & face shields, spectacles, anti-fog, impact rated, welding spectacles and much more. Each style is designed for a different purpose, so you should never move from role to role assuming that your current safety goggles will be OK.

Before starting a new role, think about your responsibilities. Will you be working around sharp metal shavings? Airborne dust? Potential for liquid splashes? Also consider the work environment – will you be working outside in hot and humid conditions, or inside an air-conditioned warehouse? These considerations will help you work out the style and features required within your next set of safety goggles.

Some considerations include:

Impact Resistance Rating
Whether you require eye protection or full-face protection
Do you require UV protection?
Frame shape/style
Do you need prescription lenses?
What type of lens coating do you need? Polarised, mirror, clear, smoke etc.
Are the safety goggles compliant with Australian Standards?


Wear and Tear

Over time, safety glasses will start to show their age. It could be light scratching, or it could be a cracked lens following an impact. Scratches will impede your vision, and cracking renders the protective properties of your safety glasses useless in the event of another impact. The suns UV rays can also cause damage which may compromise their integrity.

Nothing lasts forever, and it’s not worth risking your safety by using damaged equipment.

Outdated Safety Goggles

If you’ve been using the same goggles for years on end, it might be a good idea to upgrade regardless of how well you’ve taken care of them. A lot can happen in a year, and at All Trades Safety we are at the forefront of PPE equipment innovation. By upgrading you’ll be able to take advantage of new features which have been added to improve safety and comfort, giving you peace of mind that you are using the best equipment for the job at hand. Australian Standards are also updated on a regular basis, and it is important to keep abreast of any updates so you know your safety goggles are still compliant.


Prescription Changes

If you wear prescription safety glasses, you need to be mindful that every time your prescription changes you will need to purchase a new pair. If you’ve been squinting a lot or are having difficulty with your vision, it might be time to visit the optometrist for an eye test. Safety is paramount, and you should always be wearing appropriately fitted and prescribed glasses.

Surface Coatings Lost their Effectiveness

Over time your glasses surface coatings will lose their effectiveness, which can result in blurry lenses, foggy lenses or increased glare. This can affect your vision and increase the risk of injury. Grab a new pair and enjoy the benefit of clear vision and the latest in safety technology.


 All Trades Safety – Specialists in Safety Glasses

If you feel it might be time to upgrade or replace your safety glasses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with All Trades Safety today. We offer an extensive range of PPE safety gear and eye protection, and we cater to all trades and activities. Browse our range today and make an investment in safety.